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Clients we work with - Envocare

“FK has been a supply chain partner now for many years and Envocare Maintenance has recently provided a seamless service in line with what their parent company has previously delivered.

We looked, in partnership with Envocare Maintenance, at providing a maintenance solution for our distribution portfolio and agreed a way forward to help try and extend the life of our buildings and in turn reduce and delay capital expenditure.

In addition the maintenance and repair service that Envocare Maintenance provides has resulted in a safer working environment for our colleagues within these

buildings and helped reduce the disruption caused by roof leaks to our distribution centres.

The maintaining of the ASDA roofs in the last 2 and a half years are now beginning to show real benefits to our business and the hard work and dedication of the Envocare Maintenance team will result in a long term partnership the same as we enjoy with FK”

Andy Walker,
Infrastructure and Engineering Manager