Case Study.


End User:
ASDA, various distribution centres, Nationwide

With an extensive property portfolio, including facilities of varying ages and varying designs, nationwide, Asda needed a trusted supplier with experience in a wide array of construction technologies and designs. Envocare Maintenance is able to work with any materials, carrying out major repairs to older roofing systems to bring them to an acceptable level or repair and performance, as well as the minor repairs needed to maintain newer systems to prevent major repairs being necessary.

We also provide an emergency call-out service to deal with any problems swiftly and thoroughly, to minimise damage to property and goods.

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“When a sudden leak started damaging stock, Envocare Maintenance got to site within four hours, identified the failure of a drainage system and isolated the problem to stop water ingress. They sourced materials and plant the same day, and had carried out a full repair within 48 hours; saving us thousands of pounds in damaged goods.

Even though our bespoke system was installed by a different supplier, Envocare Maintenance were more than able to rectify the problems. I was delighted with their speedy response and thorough approach, and have total confidence in their support.”

Director, ASDA