Case Study.

Readie Construction Ltd

End User:
(Former JJB Sports), Milton Keynes

Envocare Maintenance were contracted by Readie Construction Ltd to overhaul the roof of the former JJB Sports for the new tenant Next.

As you can see from the photos the roof was in a poor condition and we needed to treat all rusted areas prior to coating the roof with a paint system to seal all areas including the ridge and cappings.

In addition we carried out a 3 coat reinforced paint system to the gutters and ensured that these areas were leak free.

Finally we also cleaned and sealed all of the turret style rooflights on the project.

We worked with Readie on this project to source a more economical paint solution than that specified and despite a tight programme, budget and working on a live retail park we managed to hand over a water tight building in time for Next to open on the agreed date.

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